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PVC & Creation Wood - Fitting & install instructions


Installation of PVC Blinds: Is very straight forward and requires little expertise or equipment.

You will need: Screws (16mm are fine) & an appropriate screwdriver.

Bracket Dimensions: Width 25mm, Height 55mm, Depth 65mm (with facia 70mm)

1. Take the packaged brackets (picture 1) & separate them. Each is marked 'L' or 'R' and will have a hinged door that always represents the front of the bracket


Picture 1: End Bracket                              Picture 2: Centre Bracket 

PVC Blind Bracket - End Bracket       PVC Blind Bracket - Centre Bracket

NB: Bracket colour will be appropriate for the colour of the blind.

2. Screw the appropriate bracket to each top corner ensuring they are set at equal distances from the front of the sill. For longer blinds you will also be supplied a centre bracket (picture 2) - when choosing the position for this bracket ensure that it isn't directly on top of the centre string of the blind - i.e. install to one side. Finally ensure it is positioned at an equal distance from the front of the sill as the side brackets.



3. Take the plastic clips (picture 3) and slot onto the front of the mechanism. If done correctly the two 'feet' will be on the outside the mechanism not inside. Repeat & space evenly across the blind.

Picture 3. Plastic Pelmet Clips

PVC Blind - Facia Clip

4. Ensure both hinged doors are open & slot the blind into the brackets then close the hinged doors securely. Each facia/pelmet will have a groove running along it's back. Hang the facia/pelmet on the top 'feet' of the plastic clips then using a finger push each bottom 'foot' into the groove. This will secure the pelmet/facia in place.

NB: For long blinds it is easier with a second person assisting.

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