Dual Rollers

Dual Rollers (day/night rollers) combine a Sunscreen Roller with a block-out roller. Options for the block-out include: Standard Block-out or Thermal Block-outor Fancy Block-out. 

Ordinarily the Sunscreen is closest to the window and can back roll (fabric drops down of the back of the roller) or front roll (fabric falls over the front of the roller). Consider front rolling the sunscreen to avoid door handles or simply if you prefer the look. 

The front blind is the Block-out roller and will need to front roll (regardless of which fabric range) to avoid the sunscreen at the back. 

Dual Roller Brackets are available in White, Black, Alabaster or Grey and are 90mm x 150mm. Please enquire if you have any questions. 

Roller Blinds Installation Guide

This is a step by step guide for installing your blind.