Shutter Blinds

The price of extruded PVC versus milled Cedar wood have made the shutter concept & style a far more affordable option than ever before. Always popular in traditional style villas & bungalows, shutters are now making their way into new homes. Their split control functionality, i.e. can close the bottom half of the shutter while the top half remains angled/open (and visa versa) is particularly useful in compact/open housing environments.

Available in our standard extruded PVC range (63mm, 90mm & 114mm Aerofoil Blades) as well as Aluminium for additional colour options (60mm, 90mm, & 115 Aerofoil Blades).

Price: Expensive but not unaffordable
Functionality: Sun management, day/night time privacy, heat retention & aesthetics
Range of colours: Extensive
Styles: Hinged, Bifold & Sliding
Availability: Canterbury only with an 8-10 week lead time.

Shutter Blinds Colours