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Roller Blinds - Fitting & Installation Instructions

Installation of Roller Blinds: Is very straight forward and requires little expertise or tools

You will need: Screws (16mm are fine) & an appropriate screwdriver.

Main Bracket Dimensions: 40mm wide x 60mm height

1. Take the two packaged brackets & separate them - Bracket 1 is always used at the same end as the control and Bracket 2 the same end as the metal 'nipple'


Picture 1: Bracket 1 shown in full                             Picture 2: Bracket 2 shown in full

 Roller Blind Bracket - control en          Roller Blind Bracket - 'nipple end'

NB: Bracket colour will be appropriate for the colour of the blind.

2. Screw the appropriate bracket to each top corner ensuring they are set at equal distances from the front of the sill.

3. Ensure that the housing, containing the chain, is facing upward & then slot the blind on to Bracket 1. Once in place slide the 'nipple' end in to Bracket 2.

4. If you need to remove the blind from it's brackets: Turn your attention to the end with the metal nipple - next to it is a plastic cog which will turn in one direction. Turning the cog will retract the nipple and release the blind.

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